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Reduce Toxins and Change Your Life!

Hi! I'm Kristina Boe, Your Low-Tox Hair Stylist

How did I become a low-tox Hair Stylist and a lover of all things natural and organic? It started at UC Davis where I studied and graduated with a degree in Environmental Horticulture. This opened my eyes to the harmful effects of washing toxic personal care products down the drain. Then, at age 34, I had to give up my hair styling business I had built since I was 18. I had become ill. Very ill. In bed and on disability. Constant migraines, plantar fasciitis in both feet, neck pain, weight gain which turned into sleep apnea, and back surgery. It went on for years. Thankfully, to lots of research, hard work, MAJOR dietary changes, and exercise, I clawed my way back to good health. When I was healthy enough to return to work, I knew I COULD NOT expose myself or my clients to the same toxic chemicals I had been using before. Lots more research, product trials, and I discovered Oway Organics Hair Color from Italy. Oway has taken out the unnecessary chemicals. More recently, I have fallen in love with Monat for Hair Care as well as Oway Hair Care.

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